East Lothian Winds of Change Mission Statement:

To challenge the incoherent development of large-scale electrical infrastructure in East Lothian, proposed without proper consultation or consideration and to protect our local communities, wildlife and green spaces. To ensure that the Scottish Government and East Lothian Council act responsibly, following correct protocols, legislation and community concerns to minimise disruption and to force developers to maximise compensation to affected areas.

  • We fully support Green Energy and Net Zero targets.
  • However, the significant cost to East Lothian communities and people needs to be challenged.
  • East Lothian Winds of Change was started by a small group of people who picked up that a number of critical national electrical infrastructure projects costing billions, either have, or are going to land, in East Lothian very soon. All of these causing extraordinary disruption and little benefit to East Lothian for the next 10+ years.
  • We realised that few local people understand the enormity of the proposal and that these projects are all currently treated as stand alone in our current East Lothian Council and Scottish Government’s complex planning processes and legislation.
  • Combined these current projects are bigger than anything East Lothian has ever seen or dealt with before. We set out to find out as much information as possible to share with local communities. It is eye watering. What is also astonishing, is the total lack of joined up thinking and collaboration between the developers, council and government. We are raising awareness and our numbers are growing.
  • We have become aware that there will be many more projects earmarked for East Lothian than are currently disclosed. We are looking at the Industrialisation of East Lothian.
  • To make changes required to safeguard our communities, daily lives and future will take people power – East Lothian People Power!!

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