NB We have until 18th September 2023 to make representations to East Lothian Council, the Planning Authority on this Addendum and these must be made by the Council Planning Portal on the East Lothian Council website under the Planning section.

This is the second of two documents produced by the Berwick Bank Wind Farm (BBWF) Developer, SSE in connection with their amendment to the Environmental Impact Assessment Report (EIAR), the latter having been submitted to the Planning Authority, East Lothian Council on August 9th 2023.

The first document, the “ONSHORE ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT ASSESSMENT REPORT ADDENDUM – Annotated version” contains the amendments to the various (circa 178 documents in total) documents that make up the EIAR all gathered into the one document. The second document, the “NON-TECHNICAL SUMMARY (NTS) ANNOTATED VERSION” is a mark up of the original single document of the same name that was submitted along with the other circa 178 documents that in total made up the BBWF Planning Permission in Principle application submitted by SSE in March 2023.

Both of these documents were produced by SSE at our request, in the interests of making it hopefully a little easier to see what SSE (the Developer of BBWF) have changed in this August 9th Addendum.